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Morelia Neo vs Monarcida Neo

The Morelia Neo 2 and Monarcida Neo 2 are the hottest super lightweight boots from Mizuno. It has been frequently asked about their differences so today, we are going to show you how they do head-to-head.

Both Morelia Neo 2 and Monarcida Neo 2 in US9/27cm

Both boots feature a nice, soft kangaroo leather upper from the toe to the midfoot area.

The heel area

The Monarcida Neo 2 features a more traditional heel area design, with a soft inner lining and adequate padding for comfort and protection. Morelia Neo 2, meanwhile, uses a super soft suede inner lining and an ergonomically shaped heel padding for the best lock-down during gameplay.

The tongues

Monarcida Neo 2 includes a small, soft padding in the upper area of the tongue to ease any lacebite or discomfort. Morelia Neo 2 goes to the extreme by using just a single layer of suede material in the tongue for the best, most direct touches.

Kangaroo leather upper

Mizuno has the tradition of using the finest kangaroo leather on their professional grade soccer boots and these two pairs are no exception.

Monarcida Neo 2 features a soft kangaroo leather upper with asymmetrical stitching and a sprayed layer of protection on the edge. The leather has been treated to be durable and slightly firm to retain its shape.

Morelia Neo 2 uses a water-resistant glossy kangaroo leather upper. The pearly, supple leather upper is so soft that it will mold to your foot for the glove-like fit. Due to its softness, the upper of Morelia Neo 2 stretches more than the Monarcida Neo 2.

The outsole

Mizuno has created a super lightweight nylon-based outsole to be used on its speed boots. The two pairs share the exact same soleplate and studs configuration which have been proven to, simply, work.

The toebox

The Monarcida Neo 2 is mostly exclusive to the Japanese market and it’s made largely based on an Asian fit. The toebox is tall and spacious. Most players would not have any difficulty in fitting them even with tilt-up toes.

As the international poster child of modern Mizuno product, the Morelia Neo 2 sports a narrower fit and taller midfoot arch. It looks much sleeker but not as friendly to flat and wide foot.

The heel counter

The heel counters are largely similar on both boots. The external heel cup is sturdy and offers good protection and lock-down. You may find the heel counter on the Morelia Neo 2 softer and somewhat wider, but both are comfortable and snug during gameplay.

Morelia Neo 2: 191.7g

Being one of the lightest soccer boots around, the Morelia Neo 2 weighs only 191g for a shoe of size US9.

Monarcida Neo 2: 201g

The Monarcida Neo 2 weighs a respectable 201g for a shoe of size US9.

Both boots include a pair of lightweight foam insoles. The ones in the Morelia Neo 2 have a textile, suede-like surface finish. The Monarcida Neo 2 carries the ZeroGlide insoles which have a slightly rubbery surface finish and extremely grippy when stepped on in the boots.

That's about it! Which pair would you like to get?

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