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You haven't been paying attention to your football socks. Your feet slip around in the boots and you got blisters. You can't play to the best of your ability. Frustrating. 

Or you have bought some grip socks. They don't fit well and bunch up in your boots. The grip pads are poorly placed that your feet slip inside the socks. The material doesn't feel quality, either. Disappointing.

We know what you have been through. We decide to change that aspect of your game.

TF Socks AIR

We worked on our best-selling TF Socks Classic and tweaked the formula. The base material has been changed from cotton to polyester. With a super high elastane content, the socks are now lighter and thinner, but also more compressive. Oh did we mention the same class-leading in-out grips? 

TF Sock Sleeves

Stop cutting your long socks. We have made arguably the best sock sleeves for you.

1:1 with Major League Soccer player version sock sleeves. Gradual compression and ribbed openings. 

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