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Mizuno Alpha Japan VS Mizuno Alpha Elite Comparison Review

Updated: Feb 6

Only released in early Nov 2022, the Mizuno Alpha has been an instant hit and a regular boots-of-the-year nominee. It is presented as a brand new speed silo that is tricked out with tech, and it is everything that a good old pair of Mizuno football boots isn't supposed to be: synthetic upper, reinforced fibre midsole, foam cushion and the pursuit of pure speed.

There have been many reviews on the Mizuno Alpha Japan and my favorite is done by gaijinbootblog. Like other line-ups in the Mizuno football family, the Mizuno Alpha also comes in the Elite tier which is made in Vietnam but nonetheless a first grade. So we have lined the two Alphas up here and are going to show you what you are getting and what you should get.

At a glance, they are simply the same shoes. Same glossy synthetic upper with internal frames, same lightweight and same great colorway. The only giveaway is the black shoe tag that screams 'Made in Japan' on the Mizuno Alpha Japan.

Upon a closer look, the differences can now be seen but remain very subtle. The upper on the Alpha Japan is ever so slightly thinner and tackier than what is found on the Mizuno Alpha elite. The Engineered Fit Frame is also a little more structured and pronounced on the Mizuno Alpha Japan.

Both boots feature very thin and pliable tongues that ensure great comfort and direct touches on the ball.

Things get more interesting on the flip side. The inner lining (Engineered Fit Suede) is a lot finer on the Mizuno Alpha Japan, almost velvety. The suede lining on the Mizuno Alpha Elite feels less premium and a little fleece-y to the touch.

Inner lining of Mizuno Alpha Japan vs Elite

Can you spot which is which? Neither can we.

The key difference is finally going to be revealed. Mizuno has implemented a composite material called "KaRVO" as the midsole in the forefoot of the Mizuno Alpha Japan, resulting in a very strong spring-back when the forefoot is bent and thus 'pushing' the player forward when running.

Mizuno Alpha Elite, on the other hand, uses a tested and proven midsole fibreboard that also can be found in the renowned Mizuno Morelia Neo 3. The nylon-based fibreboard is lightweight with natural flexibility and will not disappoint even the most demanding player.

No cost is spared even in the inconspicuous details. The heel liner on both the Mizuno Alpha Japan and Alpha Elite is made from a proprietary ZEROGLIDE mesh material which is very soft and grippy. It delivers a very high level of lockdown sensation not by clamping the heels with excessive pressure, but through gentle friction that almost sticks the heel cups to the feet.

Noticed the blue tint on the white inner lining at the bottom of both boots? It is where Mizuno Enerzy Foam is placed for cushioning, which is also found in the high-end running shoes from the Japanese brand.

The ZEROGLIDE mesh liner is also found on the insoles of both Alphas. Players can twist and turn in games with confidence, knowing that their feet are never going to slide against the sock liner, even without wearing grip socks.

However, if you are after the ultimate one-to-one lock-in sensation in your boots, we recommend wearing our own TF Socks, which have class-leading DOUBLE-SIDED grip elements that deliver a truly seamless experience between the boots and your feet.

Being the latest speed silo from Mizuno, the alphas are obligated to be lightweight. A shoe of US9 of the Mizuno Alpha Japan only weighs 194g. The Vietnam-made Alpha Elite is no slouch either, punching out at 199g.

With the Mizuno Alpha Japan and Alpha Elite, Mizuno is really pushing the limit of a pair of speed boots with their best technologies and it is clear that the accolades from online reviewers are not unwarranted. If you are interested in getting a pair, head down to the shopping links now!

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