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Mizuno α Alpha Elite P1GA246250

Mizuno α Alpha Elite P1GA246250

Certain sizes are stocked in our warehouse in Japan and will be dispatched from there.


Brand new in box. 100% original Mizuno product.


• Engineered Fit Last Neo (same as MORELIA NEO III)
• Engineered Fit Woven (upper material that stretches moderately laterally, but not along the length of the foot)
• Engineered Fit Flame (optimal pattern for fitting and shoemaking, reducing lateral shifting during play)
• Engineered Fit Sponge (placement with minimum required mass to enhance fit)

• ZEROGLIDE α MESH Tongue (grip material is used to reduce the tongue slipping during play)
• External counter outsole (nylon x TPU resin)

• α Triangle Studs (provide grip to enable vertical speed and fine movements)

• Suitable for all surfaces (soil, artificial grass, and natural grass)

• MIZUNO ENERZY Foam (enhanced cushioning and energy return)

• Bare Foot Half-Board(same as MORELIA NEO III)

• ZEROGLIDE α MESH Sockliner (use of grip material supports agile movements)


Made in Vietnam


Weight: 190g

    S$239.00 Regular Price
    S$229.00Sale Price
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